Past OISS Photo Competition

To celebrate International Education Week (IEW) 2020, OISS hosted a mini photo competition open to all members of the Rice international community. The winner was selected by a popular vote by the Rice international community, and received a $30 Coffeehouse gift card.

Here is the winner!

Houston skyline visible through a hole in a fence containing several locks
There is always a promising path despite the presence of seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

The winning photo was submitted by Salma Alhashim, a PhD student from Saudi Arabia. Here's the story behind her photo:

"One day I was exploring the Buffalo Bayou Park and I saw a pedestrian bridge with a high chainlock fence that is full of a huge variety of locks. A typical scene that would normally be seen in famous European capitals such as Paris. While I was walking, caught my attention a little hole in that fence facing the Houston skyline. It looks like a window that allows me to take a very nice view of Houston downtown."

Congratulations Salma!

Here are the other competition photos, in the order in which they were submitted.

Mural on the side of a building on Rice campus
Photo submitted by Nirupma, MBA student from India

Photo submitted by Takudzwa, Masters student from Zimbabwe

Hands in a circle holding seashells
Photo submitted by Takudzwa, Masters student from Zimbabwe

Part of a building in front of a forest in fog
Photo submitted by Sam, DMA student from Australia

Water droplets on a glass surface
Photo submitted by Sam, DMA student from Australia

Two children in an alley
Photo submitted by Sirui

Black bird on a cliff with city light in the background
Photo submitted by Siyang

Person and a dog walking on a beach
Photo submitted by Siyang

Part of a building
Photo submitted by Weinan, PhD student from China

Rice campus at sunset
Photo submitted by Anonymous

Thank you to all the participants and to everyone who voted!

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