Emergency Resources

Rice University Emergency Management

For official Rice University Emergency notifications including school closures, please see https://emergency.rice.edu/. All official communications from Rice will be posted on this site, but to ensure you receive notifications as efficiently as possible, please make sure you sign up for emergency alerts through your ESTHER (students) or iO (scholars) account. The Rice Emergency Management page has helpful FAQs on when Rice will use emergency alerts, etc.

Other Emergency Alerts Websites

In case of a disaster, it may also be helpful to track the emergency website for the City of Houston. The following websites will post updates, as well as helpful tips and other resources.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips

In case of a hurricane or flooding, here are some important notes to take into consideration:

  1. Do not drive in floods. You need to turn around, as Houston's floods are extremely dangerous and life-threatening. "Flash floods" are common where the water can rise quickly in a matter of minutes.
  2. Do not come to campus when the campus is closed. The streets will be full of cars, so if you can avoid coming at all, it will help you bypass getting stuck in traffic.
  3. Put your immigration and other important documents in a plastic bag, and keep in a safe place in your home.
  4. Contact your friends and families abroad to let them know how you are. The news can be over-exaggerated when broadcasted internationally... and it is always frightening for them to see reports of where you are in the news and media.
  5. Stay tuned to local news to learn more about ever-changing updates on the weather.
  6. Review the resources on the Rice emergency website.
  7. Please let OISS know how you are doing. We care about you. Stay connected with friends and loved ones, too.

Emergency Funding

Since international students are not eligible for U.S. government funding (e.g., financial aid), here are a few options for loans and grants in case of an emergency, be it personal or otherwise:

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Loan

For graduate students only. For more information, please see https://gsa.rice.edu/funding

Mosely/Adams Graduate Student Loan Fund

For graduate students only. For more information, please see https://graduate.rice.edu/moseleyadams

Undergraduate Emergency Support

For undergraduate students only. Available for international students through OISS recommendation. Submit a request through the online request form (NetID login required).

Other Potential Financial Resources

  • Academic Departments and Dean's Offices may offer travel funds for conferences.
  • College Magisters may use discretionary funds in certain cases, or may possibly be able to recommend for emergency funds.
  • For undergrads only: Alternative funding opportunities (list maintained by Center for Career Development)
  • F-1 and J-1 students may make an appointment to meet with an OISS advisor regarding possible emergency funds or emergency work authorization.