Health Insurance Tips & Basic Terminology

  1. Understand your health insurance policy terminology
    Health Insurance Basic Terminology
    • Example: If your deductible is $100, your co-insurance amount is 10%, and your total medical bill is $2000. You will be responsible for $290 ($100 deductible + 10% of the remaining $1900).
  2. Be prepared
    • Carry your insurance ID card with you.
    • Learn the details of your insurance plan by looking at the explanation of benefits, so you best understand how to use your policy.
    • Know the name and location of network providers / hospitals near Rice and your home.
    • Do your best to live a healthy lifestyle to minimize your chances of illness or injury that may require medical treatment while you are studying in the United States.
  3. Seeking medical care
    • Minor emergencies during weekends or after hours = Go to Urgent Care Centers, preferably in your network
    • Major, life threatening emergencies = Go to Emergency Room
    • Life-threatening emergency = Dial 911 (off-campus) or x6000 (on-campus) for an ambulance to be sent to your location.
    • Normal sickness or minor emergencies (for current Rice students only) = Try to go to the Rice Student Health Center during regular business hours, appointments may be required. Access to the Health Center is included in the student's bill and limited to current Rice students only.
  4. Paying your medical bills
    • A claim must be filed with your insurance company to get the process started. The hospital / clinic may offer this service or you may need to contact your insurance company for assistance in filing a claim.
    • Remember, your insurance will pay a portion of your expenses. Any remaining expenses are your responsibility to pay to the doctor / hospital / medical care provider.
  5. Getting assistance with your particular insurance questions