J-1 Academic Training

OISS will not need to create additional documentation for a scholar in this visa status. However, OISS must still receive a copy of the PAF / Hiring Proposal and offer letter, and the scholar must attend an OISS check-in appointment before or on their first day of employment, to ensure immigration compliance requirements are met.

International Scholars on J-1 Academic Training hold work authorization issued by their J Program Sponsor that permits them to work for a period of up to 18 months in a specific field of study. This type of work authorization is available for J-1 visa holders in the Student category either during or upon completion of their studies in the U.S.

International scholars who reach the end of their eligibility for Academic Training will need alternate work authorization to continue to work after the Academic Training expires. To obtain work authorization, the scholar will need to change to a different visa classification – typically another category of the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa or the H-1B visa. Please consult an OISS advisor well in advance to discuss the visa options and procedures, as changing visa classifications can take between 4 to 8 months.