International Delegations

We, at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), consider it an incredible privilege to serve Rice University's international delegations. This page includes information for departments and international visitors planning their visit to Rice University. We hope you find it helpful as you prepare to come to Rice or welcome visitors from abroad.

International delegations come to Rice for different reasons. Some of them are interested in exchanging ideas, looking for opportunities for future cooperation and research collaboration, faculty exchange and student training; others arrive to participate in various workshops or professional developmental programs to learn, for instance, about the U.S. culture or its educational system. Based on their field of interest, OISS arranges appropriate meetings, organizes lectures, campus and lab tours, as well as other professional activities.

OISS works closely with the Office of the President, the different departments, deans, professors, and other school officials, students, and scholars, as well as Rice's entire international community when organizing visits for Rice University's international delegations. We rely on our colleagues' and students' help in welcoming international delegations and providing meaningful programs for them. Partnering with our faculty, staff and students is the essence of organizing successful events, and it ensures high quality service that lives us to Rice's outstanding reputation.

Request a Visit

If you or your department needs help in organizing institutional visits for international delegations, please send the following information at least two weeks prior to the visit to Ms. Fabiana Santos:

  • Dates of the visit
  • Participant information (List of delegates preferred in protocol order with titles and bios on guests)
  • Other guests accompanying the group (e.g. interpreter, representatives from local organization, etc.)
  • Point of contact for delegation and contact information
  • Purpose of the visit (i.e. delegation's interests while at Rice including people, places and topics of discussion)
  • Host at Rice

Rice Facts

Rice University has always attracted international groups and delegations, and welcomed many visitors from around the world. The relatively small size yet diverse population, unique residential college system, outstanding reputation as a leader in education and research, quality of life, just to name a few reasons, keeps our institution in the center of international attention.