Student E-Check-in Information Form

This form must be completed by all new international students completing an electronic document check-in.

Students completing an electronic document check-in must also upload the required immigration documents via their OISS Portal account ( Students who do not currently have an OISS Portal account are not eligible for an electronic document check-in.

Local Address
The address below should be your local address in Houston. Please note that you may not use the general Rice address of 6100 Main Street for this purpose.
Please fill in your street number and street name (For example: "1515 Bissonnet Street")
Please fill in your apartment/room number or similar, if applicable (for example: "Room 5").

Please make sure to also update your address in ESTHER under the Local Address field following the same format as above.

If you do not yet have a U.S. phone number, you may leave this field blank. Please make sure to update your phone number in your ESTHER account as soon as possible.

NOTE: If your SEVIS reportable permanent foreign address has changed since you initially entered that information in your OISS Portal account, please email your updated permanent foreign address to

A dependent is either a legally married spouse or a child under the age of 21, who has a dependent visa under your visa status (e.g. F-2, J-2, etc.).

Please upload copies of your dependent(s) immigration documents together with your own in the OISS Portal.

As soon as your dependents arrive in the U.S., please provide OISS copies of their immigration documents. If the plans change and your dependents will no longer be using their dependent status, please notify OISS immediately so that we may cancel their immigration record.

Emergency Contact