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One Time Visitors

The B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa or the Visa Waiver is commonly used by foreign visitors who are invited to Rice for a very short period of time for the purpose of giving a lecture, consulting, attending a conference or seminar, and may require an honorarium or reimbursement. Although, there are times that visitors may already be in the U.S. under a different visa classification. For that reason, OISS must always collect information on these one-time visitors to ensure they have the appropriate visa status to participate in these programs and potentially receive an honorarium.

Please follow the procedures below when inviting foreign visitors:

  • Procedures for Inviting a One-Time Visitor  
  • One-Time Visitor Information for OISS by Departments - Data will be used to effectively communicate with prospective visitors on the visa matters, please fill out the following form and email or fax it to our office.
  • One-Time Visitor Questionnaire - a survey to be completed by the visitor will be emailed to the visitor by OISS upon receipt of a request by the academic department. OISS will then use all the data collected to make the appropriate determination of required visa status to receive an honorarium or reimbursement.

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