Rice Unconventional Wisdom

IPP 2017 Group


 The iPREP Staff consists of six current international undergraduate students that will serve as your guides during your first few days at Rice. They will be staying with you at the Marriott Hotel, and will be leading you through your iPREP experience. All of them are excellent students, superior leaders, and wonderful company!

 The 2017 iPREP Staff is Andrea, Agnes, Andy, Anthea, Helene and Seohee. Now let's learn a little more about your iPREP Staff!!! 

2017 Senior iPREP Staff

Andrea and Agnes are Senior iPREP Staff and the leaders of the rest of the iPREP Staff. 

IPP Andrea


Major:  Architecture

Hometown:  Cali, Colombia

Interests:  Drawing, watching movies and dancing

Fun Facts:  I can't function without drinking coffee in the mornings

Advice to new students:  Don't be afraid to open up to people, everyone else is also nervous

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  Going out to dinner on Saturdays

IPP Agnes


Major: Mathematics & Mathematical Economic Analysis

Hometown:  Fuzhou, China

Interests:  Ballroom dancing, singing, and traveling by myself

Fun Facts:  I have been dreaming of having my own dessert & coffee shop since my childhood. Now I am thinking about adding boba to it. Yum!

Advice to new students:  Keep reflecting on who you are and what you really want during your college life

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  Trying out delicious food (especially desserts!)


2017 iPREP Staff

The entire iPREP Staff has been hard at work planning many of your iPREP events for 2017!

 IPP Andy


Major:  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hometown:   Bolton, England

Interests:  Track and field, surfing, yoga, playing piano

Fun Facts: I used to compete for Great Britain in modern pentathlon which is a combination of running, swimming, fencing and horse riding

Advice to new students:  If I could give one piece of advice to incoming international students it would be get immersed in the American culture and in Rice! You're going to spend at least the next four years in a country that is vastly different than your own and you want to leave knowing that you really got the most out of your time here. It's an amazing experience to be able to study abroad for the whole of your undergraduate degree and we should all consider ourselves lucky to have this opportunity, especially at such a prestigious university. I am sure you will remember your time at Rice for the rest of your life, so experience as much as you can. Try new things, meet as many people as possible, travel and get involved with extracurricular activities. The honest truth is that you won't remember the exams you took or the homework you did, but you will remember the experiences you had with friends.

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  Houston has lots of pop-up markets every week in different locations that sell locally made goods and display artwork by local artists. I love going to them as usually they take me to a new part of Houston and I get to meet interesting people.

 IPP Anthea


Major:  Mathematical Economic Analysis & Psychology

Hometown:   Shanghai, China

Interests:  Movies, music, meditation

Fun Facts: I play ice hockey

Advice to new students:  Be proud to be a part of Rice!

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  Watching squirrels hiding nuts

 IPP Helene


Major:  Architecture

Hometown:   Geneva, Switzerland/Singapore

Interests:  I like food, skiing, horse riding, photography

Fun Facts: I can make my ears wiggle

Advice to new students:  Get excited! College is great!

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  I love finding new restaurants (and of course, trying them out!)

IPP Seohee


Major:  Mathematical Economic Analysis & Mathematics

Hometown:   Cheonan, South Korea

Interests:  Dancing (Korean traditional dance, hip hop, and contemporary!!)

Fun Facts: I can whistle without moving my mouth! :)

Advice to new students:  Be yourself!

Favorite thing to do in Houston:  Go out to eat with friends & Explore the restaurants