Rice Unconventional Wisdom

In-Kind Contributions

Rice University's Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) strives to keep our international community involved on campus, and we organize a variety of activities intended to help students, staff and faculty as well as their families make friends and build connections on campus.

OISS has a variety of programs where you may lend your expertise or simply get involved!  Perhaps you are an expert in immigration law or an expert in processing income taxes for internationals?  Perhaps you enjoy teaching and would like to help international students & scholars to practice and develop their English skills?  Perhaps you are an expert on Houston and would like to share what Houston has to offer to our international visitors?  Perhaps you would like to be a friend to a new international student or scholar? 

It is our volunteers that make all of these programs and events possible, so if you would like to contribute or to lend a helping hand--and have some fun while doing it--please do not hesitate to contact us!

Dr. Adria L. Baker
Executive Director, Office of International Students & Scholars