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Who knew you could change the world from your doorstep?

Lend your expertise to one of our areas of focus or choose a cause to support!  Your donations and in-kind contributions make it possible to provide an array of services and programming to enhance the experience of international students & scholars at Rice University. 

What may seem like a small gesture to you, makes a world of difference for many!

Learn how:
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· Contributing or participating in other ways

OISS at a Glance (click to view)

Programs That Provide Outreach
   · School Visitsgraph
   · Various Country-Specific Interest Groups
   · IEW (International Education Week)
   · REAP International (Rice’s Experiences Advertised to Prospects)
   · Pre-Academic Trainings for Special International Groups
   · Emergency Resources
   - V.I.P (Valuable International Perspectives)

Programs That Create “Community

   · English Classes
   · International Ladies Network
   · Extended Weekend Activities
   · Summer and Winter Programming
   · IFR (International Friends at Rice)

SEVP, DHS, DOS, Government Compliance and International Advising
   · Appointments
   · Academic Departments
   · SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System)
   · SSA (Social Security Administration)
   · DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Programs for Training and Education
   · On-campus Departments
   · Students and Scholars
       - Immigration
       - Tax
   · Orientation Programs
   · Professional Development Programs
       - Reconnect – Undergraduate first year programs
       - Continuing Orientation – Graduate first year programs
   · Newsletters
   · Informational Brochures and Handouts

Research and Professional Development
   · Presenting Sessions and Workshops
   · Publications
   · Collaboration Research