Rice Unconventional Wisdom

Practical Resources

The resources below have been developed for our international students and scholars to help with some of the practical aspects of living in the U.S. Though OISS will try to make sure that all information is always up-to-date, we are unable to guarantee it, as sometimes vendors change locations, etc. Please feel free to contact OISS if you have any questions.

Student Health at Rice - This website is a great resource for health-related questions.
How to Obtain Care - Links to the Student Health website with instructions for obtaining care at Student Health, after hours, or off-campus
Meningitis Referral Listing - A list of vendors that offer the Meningitis Vaccination 

Banking Resource Guide - A helpful list of some options for banking
Opening a U.S. Bank Account - A handout with information related to opening a bank account in the United States   

Cell Phones and Calls
OISS has an extensive Cellular Phone Resource Guide, which includes information about different cell phone service providers, as well as helpful tips on how to select your plan and even a glossary of commonly used terminology. Feel free to pick up a copy of this guide at OISS. Here is a list of the most common cell phone service providers:
Verizon Wireless
You may also want to consider J1 SIM. They offer unlimited international calls to landlines in 70+ countries and to mobile phones in 30+ countries along with unlimited calls, text and data in the U.S. for international visitors, without a long-term contract. You can request the SIM card to be sent to you in your home country, allowing you to have a working phone immediately when you arrive in the U.S.

Additional Resources
Surviving in Houston Without a Car - Check out this wonderful blog post about the wonderful things you can do in Houston without a car!
Study in the States  - This website has an abundance of information varying from instructions on applying your visa, traveling, employment, etc.