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General Guidelines & Procedures for International Research & Faculty Scholars

Inviting One-Time Visitors

The Basics – Common Visa Types for Rice International Scholars
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B-1/B-2/Visa Waiver – typically used by foreign visitors are invited to Rice for only a short visit with the purpose of presenting a lecture or workshop, or attend a conference, etc.

F-1 OPT (Optional Practical Training) – used by international scholars who have just completed a degree program at Rice or another university on the F-1 visa (typically valid for up to 12 months)

J-1 Exchange Visitor – most often used visa classification for Rice international research scholars.  This visa classification is to be used for positions that are temporary in nature; as permanent positions such as tenure-track faculty would require an H-1B Visa. The J-1 visa is obtained based on DS-2019 Form issued by OISS through J Program Sponsorship. J-1 research and faculty scholars may participate in exchange visitor training programs in the U.S. for a maximum of five (5) calendar years. Their immediate dependents arrive as J-2s.  There is also a Short-Term Scholar option that carries fewer restrictions, however that category of J-1 visa has a maximum stay duration of six (6) months with no possibility for extension beyond that.
                Special Considerations for J-1 Exchange Visitors
                J-2 Work Authorization
                International Visiting Research Student

H-1B – non-immigrant worker visa for specialty occupations, valid for up to six (6) years. Visa processing can take 4 – 6 months, although there is a possibility for expedited processing at an additional cost payable to the US government.

TN Visa – for Canadian and Mexican citizens only, valid on one year appointments. Their immediate dependents arrive as TD visa holders.

PERM Processing - University-sponsored Permanent Residency