Rice Unconventional Wisdom

OISS Key Contacts: 

The Office of International Students & Scholars has the privilege of working with many different groups of international visitors and students. In an effort to assist Rice departments and our off-campus colleagues, please refer to the guide below for the first point of contact for different matters:

Athletes - Sandra Bloem-Curtis (sandra@rice.edu)

Visiting Post Baccalaureates (VPB) - Andy Meretoja (thm1@rice.edu)

Exchange Students and Visiting Students - Jenny Brydon (jbrydon@rice.edu)

Graduate Students and Transferring IN Graduate Students - Irena Aleksic (ia9@rice.edu)

Undergraduate Students and Transferring IN Undergraduate Students - Jenny Brydon (jbrydon@rice.edu)

Transferring OUT of Rice - Elizabeth Thomas (emt9@rice.edu)

One-Time Visitors -  Adria Baker (abaker@rice.edu)

Postdoc H-1Bs - Adria Baker (abaker@rice.edu) and Andy Meretoja (thm1@rice.edu)

Scholars on J (Exchange Visitor) Visas - Jenny Brydon (jbrydon@rice.edu)

Scholars on Visas Other Than J - Adria Baker (abaker@rice.edu) and Andy Meretoja (thm1@rice.edu)

For questions not otherwise addressed here, please contact OISS at oiss@rice.edu or 713-348-6095.